BA Toolkit Overview

It looks like now there are a lot of BAs, but still a lot of teams without them. Often a role of BA is included in PM role. I'd like to share some tips&tricks in series of blogpost that can be used within a team who might not a have a full time BA.


I used BABOK content for this diagram. What I will do is this:

  • #BABOK hashtag will indicate every area of BA knowledge & competence, tools & techniques which are required for most of BAs to know/use
  • #DifferentBA hashtag I will add what I do differently which I found to be useful
  • #MUST hashtag I will mark as a MUST activities/things which usually BAs do, but(!) even if there is no BA you still need to do them to achieve a great project.

I would like to share my experience, and be able to see what other people do differently. Moreover, I'd like to help people, who are not BAs, but in a way do this activities and have lack of resources to go online/find help somewhere. I found that there are some MUST activities that are being neglected/hesitated to do within teams that have lack of BAs, and I saw how bad this can be to a project.

IT is one of the perspective areas now, and there are thousands of projects just waiting for you! Let's save the world together and be aware of some usefull trips that BAs have in their pockets.