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Bring it on: 2015! Have you already think about it?


The start of the year is always full of "new things" people are boasting to accomplish in the near future. Maybe because the 2014 year for me was quite hard, and I was so looking forward to my winter vacation, I had no time to think or plan for something special this year, rather than just survive. But after a month we've been through several releases of our projects, vacation is over...and now is the time when thoughts of where to go next are actually pumping my mind.

Among lots of ideas, there are few I'd like to share:

  1. CBAP certification by May - I will post the progress
  2. Data Science specialization certificate - I've decided to get through it with the certificates, it will be easy at least I hope so, as I already have a few
  3. Drawing - yes, something that is totally out of mind, not going along with my work, but something that is impossible to take away from my life ~~thinking about one small project to come really soon

Few things that I'd like to take off my reading list in the closest future:

  1. Architecture of open source applications
  2. BaBook
  3. The readings in my google drive, those are mostly HBR readings

I will try to keep posted my success on how those reading goes and share some interesting stuff what I found there.

Nothing to add: I'd like to learn this year. And I’d like to change something in the end of it. I believe that learning always takes you somewhere new.

Have you planned something insane same?